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Spiritual Coaching

Service Provider: ACDM LLC

Location: Portland, OR


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Service Benefits

  • Peace of Mind, Clarity and Support
  • Get to the root cause of a reoccurring pattern in your life and clear it
  • Feel refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated
  • Experience Ease, Joy and Magic in your life

About This Service

This work is a good fit for you if any of the following apply:

you are truly willing to receive awareness in all areas of your life

you are extra sensitive to environments, energies, or other people’s emotions

you are feeling burnt-out, stressed, or confused

you desire more joy, clarity, lightness and freedom

you have done a lot of inner work, but you could use some help clearing a stuck pattern

you intellectually understand spiritual concepts, but have difficulty applying them

you have a curiosity about what else is possible!

When I met Amelia I was stuck in many ways. Amelia helped me peel the layers of accumulated stuff. She has a fine understanding of how we act and react. She asks right questions and offers tools to change for good. My life changed in a way l didnt think possible and l am moving forward in alignment with myself. Little wonders appear. l feel lighter and happier! She is truly magic and amazing person, always offering a safe space for change. I am so grateful l found her!

Annika S

Business Information

Service Contact: Amelia R Cohn