Simply Social - Monthly Social Media Package for Small Businesses
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Simply Social - Monthly Social Media Package for Small Businesses

Service Provider: Ionic Sky Copy

Location: Beaverton, OR


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Service Benefits

  • Have more life in your life. Focus on your business and enjoy the moments unfolding in front of you. Don't be tethered to your cell phone.
  • Collaborate with a like-minded partner to raise the potential impact of your pupose-driven business.
  • Create authentic connection with your supporters and raise brand awareness.
  • Build a consistent online presence to elevate credibility and share your vision with the world.

About This Service

Running a purpose-driven small business is empowering, satisfying, and meaningful. Your mission isn’t merely about profit. It includes improved lifestyle, expanded choice, and positively shaping the world around you. There’s a lot to consider and do. Though it’s a powerful tool in our ever-evolving economy, social media can get lost in the shuffle.

I want to see conscious teams gain as much opportunity as possible.

Let me help you tell your story, share your voice, and elevate your impact.

Ionic Sky offers simple social media solutions to small business teams. It’s not about massive, seemingly complicated (and costly) campaigns. It’s about creating a consistent online platform to connect to your supporters and expand your reach.

Finding like-minded partners in a sea of conventional service providers can be frustrating. I not only want to promote your business, but also reflect your purpose.

Be more than a business in the lives of your supporters. Create your offering. Connect your community. Impact the world.

Business Information

Service Contact: Jamie
Informational Brochure: SSU-PDF.pdf


Very Happy!

I have been working with Jamie for many months and she does a great job getting out beautiful and relevant social medial posts and newsletters for us.