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Service Provider: Kendra Perkins

Location: Lafayette, OR


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Service Benefits

  • Don't have time to finish or do that writing task? I can get it done for you!
  • I offer unlimited revisions until the project is completed for your satisfaction!
  • Don't have the skills to do what you need? I can do it with a fair negotiated price.
  • If you are overwhelmed with too much and don't want to handle the little things, I'm your go to!

About This Service

Once the work is completed and paid for, I will never share or re-sell that work to any party or person.

If for any reason after you have purchased the completed and paid for work and you are not satisfied. You may request a full or partial refund (depending on the amount and type of work done) by returning the right to sell and share that work to me and I will return the money within 30 days.

My skills and resources are;

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Reliable internet access

Several computers, tablets, and android phone

Printer (If you want the work physically mailed to you)

Imaginative and artistic skills

great communication and very attentive to details

Research skills

Very good writing skills

A little over a year of college education and still working to complete an associate's degree in business administration.

I started doing freelance writing in 2012 part time off and on and love it.

Business Information

Service Contact: Kendra Perkins
Informational Brochure: First Service Offering.pdf