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Energy + Consciousness Medicine

Service Provider: ACDM LLC

Location: Portland, OR


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Service Benefits

  • Achieve self actualization
  • Clear chronic aches and pains
  • Reduce physical, mental, emotional stress
  • Activate peace of mind and equanimity

About This Service

It’s no secret everything is energy. We see it across the universe, and in growing plants. We feel it in the special connections with people. We experience it when in a state of flow. We think these moments just happen…

But what if you could consciously harness the energy of the universe to create your best life possible? Heal your whole being, create deeply fulfilling relationships, magnetize to yourself great opportunities and all the resources you need?

Working with Amelia you will activate these capacities.

"Amelia Cohn is a true superhero of consciousness! She has a tremendous capacity for spaciousness and creating beyond structure while holding a very strong and safe space for vulnerability and depth. In every session, we shift enormous amounts of energy and old programs. We always do it with such lightness, wonder, and sense of openness. I am grateful for Amelia and her work, I highly recommend it, and I consider it a priceless resource for liberation and self-mastery."

- Tatiana Sakurai

Business Information

Service Contact: amelia R Cohn