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Turn Your Hidden Talents Into Income

Can you take apart an old radio and put it back together in 5 minutes flat?
Do you know your way around a garden and love finding the perfect blueberry bush?
Are you a whiz with a broom, some glass cleaner, a scrub brush and a little elbow grease?
Have you always been told you have a way with words and write the best love letters?

These may sound like useless skills, odd talents, or random hobbies.
To you, they may be.

To someone who loves his beat up and broken 1983 boombox, you're an electronics tech.
To someone whose pumpkins and garden boxes are overrun by slugs, you're a green thumb.
To someone who despises dust bunny patrol, you're a saving grace before grandma visits.
To someone who stumbles over finding just the perfect words, you're a heart translator.

Service Store USA is a new, family-owned online platform geared toward supporting quality, lasting community connections within the Portland/Vancouver Metro area. We've seen too many people struggle to make ends meet. This new resource allows anyone with viable (and legal) skills, talents, or services to market it on our platform, make financial transactions through the secure Amazon payments system, and build a more abundant future.

As long as your offering is legal and doesn't require licensing, you can create a profile. We recently started taking service provider requests and will limit the number of people allowed to showcase within the region. It's important to us that competition is low and integrity high.

Why work with Service Store USA?

  • We promote your work for free.
  • We maintain your online ecommerce platform for free.
  • You pay nothing until someone pays you.
  • Your first three transactions are free (except Amazon processing charge).
  • Our fees are the lowest in the industry, and they decline as you grow.
  • We're focused on building a limited network of Portland area service providers so you won't be in competition with numerous others in your zip code or compared alongside excessively low rates listed by those outside the US.
  • Anyone with an Amazon.com account can pay you.
  • We're a small, family-owned PDX Metro business that cares about the quality of life in our area.
  • All transactions are handled by Amazon.com Payments. This ensures properly identified parties, valid payment methods, and trusted security methods.

Make extra cash. Help your neighbors. Meet people in person. Build relationships.
Create a thriving, rewarding local economy.
Your first three transactions are free. Your information isn't sourced to third parties.
Put your hidden talents to work for you. Learn more today.