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These organizations and Portland area brands are growing fast. There are many tasks to be done and we need help. These are social enterprises trying to freely give something of value to the local community. The primary goal of all of this work is to promote our SSU and SEM members and directly help them increase their income and accomplish their social, environmental, business and personal goals. We strongly believe the only way to do this is through daily productive activities that generate both income and enhanced personal brand.

We are looking for people to help us grow through a wide array of community outreach activities.  We don't expect any single person to grasp the entire set of tasks at hand, but the tasks include: Advertising, press releases, newsletters, blog posts, email blasts, social media posts, local trade shows, webinars, video productions, graphics design, and connecting with relevant local businesses and organizations to actively cross-promote. Students, recent grads, and experienced people with relevant education and/or experiences who are looking to help start up and grow Portland area social enterprises are welcome to apply.

We are 100% focused on the Portland Metro Area.

This is a very rewarding and beneficial experience for anyone wanting to employ their underutilized education and skills in a very meaningful way. We don't have venture capital, giant loans, or wealthy families to fund these entities.  This is all from the pocket of a working family and the goal is to become financially sustainable in 2017.

Just getting to this point has taken four years, but the technical platforms and assets we have created are impressive for a team of part time freelancers.

If this work inspires you and you are ambitious, trustworthy, reliable, and have a love for marketing and outreach, we would like to speak with you. You would work remotely as a freelancer. We prefer to work with people in Vancouver or Portland so we can meet on occasion.
To apply or to learn more, please contact Don through this contact form.

We also encourage anyone looking to build new income streams and enjoy some free promotion to join­. Here is an example service offering page: SSU service page