Explore Our New Portland/Vancouver Service Provider Platform
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Explore Our New Portland/Vancouver Service Provider Platform

We all have skill and talent that others in our community are willing to purchase. Would you like the opportunity to sell and market your (legal) services online, but without the heavy dose of effort that comes along with starting your own small business or freelance career? Or would you simply like one more opportunity to market to your community for free? We can help.

When you have a profile on the Service Store USA platform, you get:

Secure financial transactions through Amazon.com

Limited competition to ensure your growth

Free promotion of your services, knowledge, and skills

Your first three transactions free

Inclusion in a unique regional Social Enterprise

Service Store USA is a Vancouver, WA-based, family-owned business. We want to help our community build local connections and a strong economy. It's important for us that every member of our community has the opportunity to live fulfilling, financially-secure lives. Right now, invitations to join will only be extended to Oregon and Washington residents.

We see the importance of talking to, knowing, and meeting your neighbors (clients). Not only do we want you to flourish, but when you provide your unique services to local businesses and residents, you encourage the entire community to flourish, too.

It's free to create a profile on the Service Store USA platform. We respect your privacy, and your information will never be sourced to a third party.

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