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Helping You Succeed Locally

Take a new step toward making extra income.

Offer a service to your community.

Many of us want a strong community economy, but it goes beyond simply buying goods at the neighborhood store.

National and international service websites are successful and convenient, but applicants are often competing with low bidders from other regions and countries. Service buyers send their money out of the community.

In a time of hyper globalization and murky supply chains, we want to help put the Pacific Northwest at the forefront of innovating how communities do business. We want to help our local economy thrive.

Our goal is to help all who want to grow their income. Too many self-motivated, ambitious people have been let down by our low wage, low job growth economy. We believe everyone has something valuable to offer others in their community. As Uber tapped underutilized automobiles and Airbnb tapped underutilized housing, we seek to tap into the even larger market of underutilized human capacity.

We're a family-owned business that believes in the forward-thinking, inspired potential of our neighbors.

After years of development and a strategically-built partnership with Amazon, we’re ready to draw together area service pioneers from varied industries and arenas. These folks aren’t simply out to make a quick buck. They want to not only improve their own long run pursuits, but they want to help shift how local dollars are utilized and incorporated back into the community.

Does this sound like you? We’d love to learn more about your skills, talents, and knowledge.

Be a part of this initial pilot program. Create strong community connections. Explore a new path to greater freedom - for you and your neighbors.

What to Expect from Service Store USA

* We promote your work for free.
* We maintain your online ecommerce platform for free.
* You pay nothing until someone pays you.
* Your first three transactions are free (except Amazon processing charge).
* Our fees are the lowest in the industry, and they decline as you grow.
* We're focused on building a limited network of Portland area service providers so you won’t be in competition with numerous others in your zip code or compared alongside excessively low rates listed by those in foreign lands.
* Anyone with an account can pay you.
* We are a small, family-run PDX Metro business that cares about the quality of life in our region.
* All transactions are handled by Payments. This ensures properly identified parties, valid payment methods, and security.