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Helping You Succeed Locally

You can think of us as a tiny, but only for selling local services.  Eventually, you will find anything from dog sitting, house cleaning to web design, business services, technical services, and help with simple everyday tasks that we all need completed from time-to-time. is a new online social enterprise dedicated to helping local individuals, freelancers, and micro-businesses find new sources of income.  We would like to introduce you to our first Portland area service providers on the front page of our website.

Please take a moment to checkout our site and ask one of our service providers for a free estimate.

If you are not looking for some task to be done, maybe you would like to offer a service yourself?  

Use the skills, education, and talents you already have and earn some extra money or develop a niche or personal brand in your local area.  If you are a freelancer or micro-business owner, we will market your service for free and help you find new clients.

We plan to grow in the Portland Metro area and eventually cover the NW.  We are unlike all the other online services because we focus on helping underemployed people and underutilized businesses by limiting the number of service providers in each zip code.

We are the only such service in the world offering payment services as our payment processor, so every buyer and seller only need an account to make transaction.  Every service provider is fully verified by by confirming their bank account, credit card, and tax ID before they can offer any service on our site.

If you are interested in offering a service, watch this two minute video and click on the yellow "Get Started," button on the top right side of the video. Since each zip code will be limited, we accept new service providers on a first-come-first serve basis.  One your service is already offered in your zip code, we may not add another service provider until that person is unable to handle the workload. So, please join now!

Please share this with your friends, family, and neighbors. We connect people needing tasks completed with underemployed local people and underutilized small businesses nearby.