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Need a Task Completed?
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If you are in need of some advice or service; our sponsor has many people with a wide-variety of skill sets standing-by to help with tasks big and small. There is no cost to contact them or have them prepare a proposal.  


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Come search our Portland Metro site for local people who will be happy to find a solution to any problem you may have or complete any task that you need completed. All of our service providers are Amazon Central Sellers and have provided complete identification. They will provide free estimates and the first three transactions you make with any service provider is free from any cost related to the use of our platform.  Unlike most other service provider websites, your money stays in your local economy when you use



Are you in need of more income?

If you have a skill, talent, or knowledge you would like to offer others in your area, we are currently only accepting up to three applicants per zip code for any specific skill offered.  This is to ensure our service providers are getting all the available work that comes into our site. 


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