The Gig Economy: How to Participate
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The Gig Economy: How to Participate

Service Store USA was developed strictly to help folks needing to find new ways to earn money.   While the government and media keep telling us how super low undemployment is; they overlook the millions of people who are barely making ends meet. We can't wait for government to create jobs because they never will. Unless there is a war or some incredible disaster requiring hundreds of thousands of people to perform brute force labor, don't hold your breath waiting for the President, or any level of government to stimulate massive job growth. 

Jobs are created by businesses when their customer demand exceeds the maximum their existing staff can handle before they quit in frustration. Even then the jobs created may only be temporary. While this is the harsh reality each of us face today, we are extremely fortunate to live at the time when internet technology can deliver information to almost anyone and anywhere at the push of a button. It is now possible for anyone looking for work to find everyone needing work to be done in an instant. Service Store USA is an example of such a system. 

The best part of this opportunity to connect with others is that the service can be anything from walking a dog to developing an application or cleaning a home to creating and implementing a marketing plan, if you can think of a service, you can buy it or sell it on SSU as long as it's legal of course.

  • If you are sitting at home or at a dead end low paying job and want to earn more money, we can help you.
  • If you have a small service business or you are starting a business and need clients, we can help you.
  • If you need a task done, we have people ready to work for you.

We are not like the other online service because we will never have hundreds of thousands or millions of users all over the world competing with each other. We are focusing on the Portland Metro Area and will accept interested service providers anywhere in WA or OR.  The goal is to connect people who need more income with clients in the Northwest. The quality of life in our area depends on us spending more locally and less with national chains and franchises.

Our success is entirely based on the successful transactions made between our users.

Our service providers have to pass through a verification process to register as an Amazon Central Seller.  This means they must provide a valid credit card, a valid bank account, and their federal tax ID or Social Security Number to Amazon.  If everything checks out, they are approved to sell and only then will their services show up on our site.

If you are a buyer looking to hire someone, you will get a clear proposal of what will be done along with the cost and timeline for your approval. Any deposit or payment you make will be via our Amazon Payments marketplace connection, all you need is your everyday account.  Your credit card information is never seen by either Service Store USA or the service provider, it is all securely managed by

Just fill out the popout form on the top right of this page and get started today.

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