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About Service Store USA

Service Store USA helps everyday individuals, professional freelancers, and the smallest of businesses buy and sell everyday services locally via an online marketplace.

We are a Social Enterprise which means we must achieve our social mission in a profitable and sustainable manner. Everything we do at Service Store USA is dedicated to our slogan “Helping You Succeed Locally.”

We count our success on two bottom lines: how many people we have helped earn money and did we do it with a fair and reasonable profit margin? We believe if we offer the people something of good value, we will continue to be able to help more and more people in the long-term.

We have taken the challenge to improve the way average people and small family businesses earn a good living and promote themselves while boosting their local economies at the same time

The concept is simple; many people in your area need help with something they can’t do themselves and many people in the same area have the knowledge, skills, and talents needed to help fill those needs. With so many people and businesses struggling to make ends meet, we think our platform will make a difference in their lives and businesses.

Today, with the help of Amazon, E-bay, Etsy, Freelancer, Skillpages, Thumbtack, Fiverr and many others, anyone can order whatever product or service they desire from the lowest bidder and from anywhere on the globe. This is great for buyers to save money, but it sends locally earned dollars far away where it creates no additional benefit for the community where the buyers live and raise their families. Millions of family businesses have been replaced with a small number of global chains which pay our people pathetically low wages. These have been the root causes of the devastation to our critically important middle class.

Service Store USA places your service (knowledge, skills, labor, and talent) in the shopping cart and promotes your service to people in your local community for free until a paid transaction occurs.

We believe that everyone has knowledge, skills, and talents to offer. With our help, anyone can increase their income and keep more money in their local community. We hope you take advantage of what we are offering. Become a service provider or ask a Portland area neighbor for a free estimate.

The ServiceStoreUSA Team

Michael Coatney

Michael is the primary developer for ServiceStoreUSA. He has been working with web development technologies for over a decade, and ServiceStoreUSA since 2013. He is eager to learn and utilize new techniques and tools for web development.

Jeffrey Gunn

Jeffrey is a freelance researcher and writer who loves history and helping others. Jeffrey has always wanted a job that improves society, so he is excited to work with ServiceStoreUSA. He tests the website and provides some support with information and organization.

Dennison Williams

Dennison contributes to Service Store USA with programming, systems administration, and database administration. He specializes in the architecture and deployment of secure computing infrastructure that is resistant to "takedowns,” and secure phone networks.

Diane Kukish

Diane is the web designer for ServiceStoreUSA. She is a creative entrepreneur and graphic designer who brings with her more than 15 years of marketing and design experience. She is devoted to design and thrives on her interactions with those passionate about their craft.